Small Equipment Grant Program Request for Applications 2019

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Syracuse University Small Equipment Grant Program
Request for Applications (RFA) FY 2019



Research infrastructure often becomes a limiting factor for routine operations of laboratories and research programs. This is particularly true with relatively small-size equipment because such equipment often is more expensive than is affordable on a research grant, but less expensive than those that can be funded through extramural equipment grant programs. The Small Equipment Grant Program is designed to strengthen research capacity and capability at Syracuse University.

Equipment Eligibility:

These awards are not intended for the purchase of major research equipment that can be funded through extramural grants, but to bridge the gap between major research equipment as funded through such grants (and requests for equipment in individual research project grants) and small items and consumables often purchased through faculty research accounts. Requests to purchase databases or large datasets required for research are allowed, but such databases/datasets must be thoroughly justified and intended for use by multiple users, as identified in the application narrative. Requests for funding for computers, iPads or other personalized electronics are not allowed, nor are requests for purchases of software or licenses. Finally, Small Equipment Grants are intended for acquisition of research equipment only – no supplies can be proposed, nor will facilities or ongoing maintenance costs be considered. As necessary, funding for such costs will be the responsibility of the purchasing department and/or school or college, as determined by the chair and associate dean for research of each.

Applicant Eligibility:

All tenured/tenure-track faculty of Syracuse University with a proportion of their appointment as research are eligible to apply. Awards will be made to individual investigators or “programmatic teams” of investigators. In all cases, equipment sharing is highly encouraged. Only one application per PI is allowed. Applicants may serve as Co-PIs on an unlimited number of applications.


Proposals for single investigator applications are expected to be for a single piece of research equipment. The Equipment Grant Program will pay the first $25,000 of equipment costs; any portion beyond $25,000 will be equally shared between the Grant Program and the department, school or college. This 1:1 cost share for funds exceeding $25,000 must be secured by the applicants with supporting letters from the department chair (for departmental funds), or from the dean of the school/college (for school or college funds). Applications for database or large datasets must demonstrate the need of such database for research programs of multiple researchers, and must be validated by a letter from the Associate Dean for research of the school/college.

Award Range: There is no minimum amount for an award. The maximum amount of an award from the Office of Research will be $37,500.