Syracuse University is a top-tier international research university, where academic inquiry spans and unites a full range of disciplines. Faculty and students collaborate to produce research, scholarship and creative work that advances our fundamental understanding of issues facing society and innovative solutions that have an impact at the community, state, national and global level.

Research at Syracuse University impacts individuals, communities and society, while creating opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to chart their own course through mentored and independent research experiences. Whether advancing fundamental understanding of the world around us, innovating to address pressing global needs or fostering curiosity-driven inquiry, Syracuse University research goes beyond what’s known to shape what’s possible.

The Office of Research is the central hub for research support at Syracuse University, facilitating excellence in research, scholarship, innovation and creative activity that addresses emerging opportunities and societal needs. This support extends to faculty, staff, students and external partners.  Designated as a Research 1 institution, Syracuse University was awarded a total of $94.2 million in fiscal year 2023.