CUSE Grants 2022 Awardees

A more complete list of funded CUSE grants can now be accessed on (NetID and password required).  Also see the SU news story.

Good to Great Grant (Up to $30,000)
Sharpe, CharlottePISOETeaching & Leadership
Berry, PatrickPICASWriting Studies, Rhetoric and Composition
Pepling, MelissaPICASBiology
Cybulskis, ViktorPIECSBiomedical & Chemical Engineering
Innovative and Interdisciplinary Research Grant (Up to $30,000)
Ma, ZhenPIECSBiomedical & Chemical Engineering
Henderson, JamesCo-PIECSBiomedical & Chemical Engineering
Golden, JayPIMAXPublic Administration
Scholz, ChristopherCo-PICASEarth and Environmental Sciences
Carrión-Flores, CarmenCo-PIMAXEconomics
Kumar, DeepakCo-PISUNY ESFChemical Engineering
Brown, TristanCo-PISUNY ESFSustainable Resources Management
Therasme, ObsteCo-PISUNY ESFSustainable Resources Management
Volk, TimothyCo-PISUNY ESFSustainable Resources Management
Moss, ToddCo-PIWhitmanEEE
Sureshkumar, RadhakrishnaPIECSBiomedical & Chemical Engineering
Soman, PranavCo-PIECSBiomedical & Chemical Engineering
Huambachano, MariaelenaPICASReligion
Jimenez-Soto, EsteliCo-PIFalk Nutrition and Food Studies
Dong, BingPIECSMechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Smith, DaniellePICASHonors Program
McKnight, LeeCo-PIiSchooliSchool
Velipasalar, SenemPIECSElectrical Engineering & Computer Science
Makhlynets, OlgaPICASChemistry
Jain, Era Co-PIECSBiomedical & Chemical Engineering
Hruska, BrycePIFalkPublic Health
Kmush, BrittanyPIFalkPublic Health
Dinero, RachelCo-PICazenovia CollegePsychology
Neppl, TriciaCo-PIIowa State UniversityHuman Development and Family Studies
Soderberg, MitchPICASPhysics
Junium, ChristopherPICASEarth and Environmental Sciences
Tacheva, ZhasminaPIiSchooliSchool
Carter, Elizabeth Co-PIECSCivil & Environmental Engineering
Gray, LaVerne Co-PIiSchooliSchool
Patin, Beth Co-PIiSchooliSchool
Grant, LeonardPICASWriting Studies, Rhetoric and Composition
Marchese, TraceyCo-PIFalkSocial Work
Wang, XianfeCo-PIFalkSocial Work
Manfredi, LouisePIVPASchool of Design
Sharifi, NinaCo-PIArchitectureArchitecture
Mozhdehi, DavoudCo-PICASChemistry
Carr, DonCo-PIVPA School of Design
Gratch, LyndsayPIVPACommunication & Rhetorical Studies
Chock, Tamara MakanaCo-PINewhouse Communications
Interdisciplinary Seminar Grant (Up to $7,500)
Marciano, MichaelPICASForensics Science Institute
Crill, JamesCo-PICASForensics Institute
Read, Jane Co-PIMAXGeography and the Environment Department
Brockway, MarkPIMAXPolitical Science
Berry, Patrick W.Co-PICASWriting Studies, Rhetoric, and Composition
Nordquist , Brice Co-PICASWriting Studies, Rhetoric, and Composition
Barnes, KristenCo-PILawLaw General Administration
Rendon, Hector Co-PINewhouse Communications
Kamell, ElizabethPIArchitectureArchitecture
Reeher, Grant Co-PIMAXCampbell Institute
Reed, KiraPIWhitmanManagement
Seed Grant (Up to $5,000)
Breen, JennyPILawLaw General Administration
Purser, GretchenCo-PIMAXSociology
Althoff, DavidPICASBiology
Draper, NataliePIVPASchool of Music
Laver, AnneCo-PIVPASchool of Music
Jouili, JeanettePICASReligion
Olwan, DanaPICASWomen's & Gender Studies
Tuttle, SamuelPICASEarth and Environmental Sciences
Beier, ColinCo-PISUNY ESFSustainable Resources Management
Gray, LaVernePIiSchooliSchool